10-Tiered Magazine Stand for Floor, 20 Pockets Fit 8.5 x 11 Catalogs, Portable, Black

Product Description

"his 20 pocket magazine rack holds a wide variety of promotional materials. Each floor standing display includes twenty 8.5” x 11” compartments, a U-shaped base, and a detachable sign holder. This self-supporting 20 pocket magazine rack is ideal for tradeshow use for distributing advertising resources. This literature holder would also be of use in libraries, schools, waiting rooms, hospitals, or retail settings. Each black 20 pocket magazine rack has the ability to hold a large amount of brochures, pamphlets, or any other type of printed material. To move the fixture from place to place, a carrying case is included. This 20 pocket magazine rack that is for stores can easily assembled by simply sliding the (3) parts of the unit together. The header, which includes a viewable area of 19.5”w x 4.5”h, easily screws into the top of the unit with the included hardware. This 20 pocket magazine rack, also known as a literature stand, is designed to be easy to use and portable.

Each wire trade show fixture is constructed of steel. This 20 pocket magazine rack that is steel provides long lasting durability to the wide variety of establishments utilizing it. Additionally, the construction features a semi-gloss black powder coated finish. This 20 pocket magazine rack that is floor standing features an exterior designed to complement the majority of the unit’s likely surroundings. Furthermore, each unit is equipped with a sturdy base that is shaped like a ‘”U” for added stability. This literature display, freestanding 20 pocket magazine rack is a large capacity brochure and newspaper holder for use in many locations.

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