16-Watt 19.5-Inch 4100K Cool White Microfluorescent T4 Light Fixture

Product Description

Product Description
These microfluorescent T4 light fixtures are one of our top selling products because they are so versatile. Each fixture comes complete with lamp, mounting brackets and screws, cord and plug, direct connectors, and built-in, instant-on, energy-efficient, silent, electronic ballasts. Use them as backlighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting, desk lighting, display case lighting, exhibits, merchandising, over cabinet lighting, shelf lights, showcase lighting, task lighting, trade show lighting, and under cabinet lighting.
What’s Included?

Complete Unit: includes a T4 fluorescent lamp, acrylic cover, a 6ft power cord, one direct connector, and mounting clips & screws
Connecting to Power: can either plug-in or hardwire directly to power. To plug-in, use the included power cord. To hardwire, a hardwire box is required (sold separately)

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

Hardwire Box: required for hardwiring to power. Available with or without a switch. A flexible connector must also be purchased to connect the fixture to the hardwire box.
Flexible Connectors: available in multiple lengths. These cables electrically link two fixtures together over a short distance or around corners.
Replacement Mounting Clips
Replacement Linear T4 Fluorescent Bulbs
Replacement Power Cord

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