4 Sided 1 Color Logo Print Table Throw (6 ft or 8 ft Option) $135.00

4 Sided 1 Color Logo Print Table Throw (6 ft or 8 ft Option) $135.00

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Lights Are What the Best Trade Show Booths Have in Common

They say that you have three seconds to draw potential visitors to your trade show booth. How can you accomplish that in such a short amount of time? The plain fact is that people at these shows are judging the books by their covers. How can you make your book cover the most attractive one in the room? Cool trade show booths get the most visitors. More visitors equals more potential business. What attracts visitors? Excellent trade show exhibit design. What is an important aspect of exhibit design? You may not be shocked that the lighting would probably be the most important aspect of trade show booth design.

Use Lights to Attract Visitors

The most successful displays will use lights to attract visitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cast the Batman symbol on the ceiling or have a full-on light show. A little goes a long way when you smartly use colored LED tape, uplights, and moving lights. Think of these as tools, and don’t be afraid to put some careful thought into catching your potential visitor’s eye from across the room.

The best trade show booths dazzle the visitor, but they also accommodate the transmission of information without distraction. People, your logo, and even your literature need to look great, so keep these things in mind.


If you have literature or business cards that you want your visitors to read, or if you aren’t selling trips to Mars, you will probably need more than just attention-grabbing lights. You will need your lighting to accent things for the sake of clarity. So what needs to be accented? Your logo, probably, and certainly any products you are displaying. You might want to think about spotlighting any surface where your literature sits, as well. Accent lighting in trade show exhibits calls attention and clarifies and these two things, if you think about it, are basically your main goals.

One other thing that you want to keep in mind is that your trade show booth is going to be inhabited by human beings. Your lighting should flatter. If you don’t want people to think they are talking to a blued-hued zombie, then opt for warmer lighting temperatures. And make sure it’s bright enough. For this purpose, you could use everything from track lighting to recessed lighting.

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