Aluminum Board Signs

Product Description

Aluminum Board Signs Are Perfect For Any Weather Condition. Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum is a great choice for outdoor signs. Recycled composite core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum make these panels extremely lightweight and durable. Aluminum signs are designed to last for years. You can get Aluminum signs in either 1 or full color. We recommend full color. Aluminum signs are rigid which allows them to be mounted without the need for a backing. These signs have can take a curve or be bent. Aluminum signs are weather proof and rust free.

Aluminum signs (also referred to as sheet metal signs, flat signs, tin signs, or blade signs) boast all the practicality of modern signs, while also being able to impart an old-timey, “vintage” feel to your storefront. Before flashy neon signs came into vogue and after weather-worn wooden signs predominated, sheet metal signs provided a visually appealing, highly durable, and cost-efficient means of advertising your business.
As one of the only metals that never rusts, these custom aluminum signs are weatherproof, chemically resistant, and made to last in any weather condition. These signs are perfect for permanent retail signs, real estate signs, parking signs, business signs, directional signs, warnings, notices, caution signs, exhibits, kiosks and more. Made of two pre-painted sheets of .008″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core (for a total thickness of approximately 1/13 inches), these composite aluminum signs are fabricated with rounded corners for safety and pre-drilled holes for easy installation. They can also be contour cut to any shape desired and can be printed on one or both sides. Despite their rugged construction, these aluminum signs have a smooth, glossy finish and project a clean look and impression. Perfect for outdoor street signs, these aluminum signs can last for decades.

Aluminum Board Signs Are Very Simple To Install

Aluminum signs may be displayed in several ways: framed and staked, glued to walls, riveted or bolted to walls, or wired to fencing. Aluminum signage can be installed on a wall, hung, or placed in frames or stands. Holes can easily be drilled using a metal drill bit. Use string, rope, or bungees to hang and use screws with washers for attaching to wood or concrete. Nuts and bolts should be used to attach to posts. Given their long lasting quality and durability, aluminum board signs are an affordable choice for just about anyone.


Simply wipe down your aluminum signs with water and soap using a non-abrasive cloth. To keep the signs from warping or denting, avoid installing them where heavy winds can blow them into other objects. When installing your aluminum sign, be careful! Even though the baked enamel finish is resistant to weather, it is brittle and can scratch easily.

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