Black LED PAR30 Line Voltage Freestanding Monopoint Accent Light

Product Description

Spot items that are light with bright, clear accent lighting fixture. The Monopoint lights will make all your retail items, displays, or artwork pop. The Monopoint lighting fixtures are pretty straightforward; they produce a single, constricted beam of light. When the beam of light is focused on an individual or thing, the spotlighting effect outstandingly highlights the object. Use LED for your sensitive displays like art and relics. Unlike the fluorescent and halogen sources, LEDs generate insignificant ultraviolet radiation. Why is this important? UV rays to objects can cause surface damage over time. If conservation is key for your highlighting job, then Monopoint fixtures are the perfect selection.

Considerations Before Choosing Monopoint Lights

There are innumerable styles of monopoint lights that range from beautiful to fanciful, with a few being downright odd. It is all a simple matter of taste. Consider the following when picking monopoint lights:


Monopoint lights are visible fixtures not like recessed lights which are tucked away. Pick a style that you will be happy with instead of a trend statement that may be something you will be insisting on changing two years from now.
Heading 3: Additional Parts
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When you pick monopoint lights, check properly as some fixtures do not come fitted with all the required parts. For instance, you may purchase the monopoint canopies separately.


On average, the line voltage fixtures are less expensive than the low voltage lights as you’re not buying the transformer. Alternatively, the low voltage lights typically use smaller light bulbs, and these allow for smaller fixtures. It can be necessary for monopoint lights depending on what your taste is.


Monopoint lighting fixtures with translucent shades set some light downward in addition to outward. On the other hand, fixtures with a solid shade plus an opening at the end will serve more like a spot, illuminating the area below it. It is mainly a matter of preference. However, sometimes the glow generated by a pendant with transparency contributes to the décor and mood of a room.

Contemplate Adjustability

Look to find out if the monopoint lighting fixture you pick has a capacity for adjustability after installation. In other words, is it possible to shorten its mounting height? (you can shorten a fixture’s drop height, but can’t lengthen it).
Other monopoint lighting fixtures are hung from metal rods and sometimes they can be cut. The lights which are hung from flexible cords are cut easily (usually called “field cut”) to a proper length but not always. There is also an option with some monopoint fixtures for “perpetual” adjustability.

Think About Energy Efficiency

You buy monopoint lights that you like and look presentable. But remember that fluorescent and LED lamps are more energy efficient than the incandescent lights. If you are planning on going for green monopoint lighting, first look for the more efficient categories and then go for a decorative type you like within the groups.
From a proficiency standpoint, LED is unarguably the most efficient, followed by fluorescent lighting and then incandescent. Speak to use today about your preferred tradeshow lighting!

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