Colored Glass Light Filters for MR16 Lamp

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A lot has changed since Sir Thomas Edison tested his first invention, the light bulb in 1879. The modern light bulbs are a lot more diverse. They can either be large or small, or round or linear, and fat or skinny. The bulbs can reflect, flood, diffuse, pinpoint, and some can even sparkle. The standard incandescent bulbs which were once a technological marvel have been shoved aside for the energy-efficient newcomers such as CFLs, Halogens, Krypton/Xenon, Fluorescents, and LEDs. Needless to say, there are so many options to consider when picking the best bulb and bulb accessories for your light fixture. Good lighting will improve your tradeshow display as a whole.
Accessories for our light bulbs come in various shapes, colors and sizes and every single one serve a particular purpose. For example, a light louver disseminates the light from the light bulb and reduces brightness, while the UV filter prevents ultraviolet rays that can damage historic documents or artwork. Pick from our light bulb accessories which elongate, add color, soften, or enhance the ray spread of your bulb. If your goal is to deepen a lighting effect or even to soften the mood of the environment, the appropriate light bulb attachment will make it happen.
We have a Collection of Light Bulb Accessories Which Include;

• Filters
Browse all numerous light filters which have colored glass filters as well as the Optivex glass UV filters. These UV light filters are excellent for impeding photochemical degradation in an assortment of sensitive and valuable materials such as works of art, textiles, and historical documents. As for the settings, when they come in handy, the UV filters can be used in museums, libraries, art galleries, and any other areas where there is a great need to prevent ultraviolet (UV) light from degrading the material stored in the room.
• Lenses
Browse several kinds of spread lenses, frosted lenses, linear spread lenses, and lens holders which may be used with either MR16 or PAR20 lamps.
• Light Louvers
Control brightness with a minimal light loss by making use of clip-on louver holders or light louvers for many types of lamps.
• Fluorescent tube guards
Pick a tinted tube cover or perhaps a UV tube guard for your linear fluorescent lamps. The UV filtering tube guards slow down the photochemical degradation of delicate items in a variety of ways. The delicate items may be historical documents, textiles, and works of art. The UV preventing fluorescent covers are made specifically for use in public places such as libraries, museums, art galleries, and other areas where prevention of such UV degradation is necessary. The colored guards add a variety of fun colors to any room as well as protect the delicate items.
• Lamp Shields
Select from our lamp shields made in an assortment of finishes to disseminate brightness from the back of the lamp.
You can find a full range of light bulb accessories for your tradeshow display with us. Just ask!

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