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Foam Board Printing Suit A Variety of Retail Uses

Foam core signs are ideal for trade shows, presentations, lectures, and many other retail uses. Foam core is available in 3/16″ and 1/2″ thicknesses and is able to be cut to any size and printed on one or two sides. With these high quality printing machines, the foam board printing process is customizable and streamlined for all clients. Foam core boards are fragile so extra care is taken to package your order for shipping. Free standing and wall mounting options are available as well for ease of use during presentations.

Foam Board Printing Has Several Different Options

When ordering a foam board print, you can choose single sided printing or double sided foam core printing. A double sided foam board print can be extremely useful for hanging from the ceiling or being seen from both directions. Want to extend the life and quality of your foam core board even more? Consider lamination on your print. This will add a higher quality look to the board as well as increase the life expectancy. Instead of the standard 3/16” foam core board material, you can upgrade to a 1/2” foam core board. This extra 5/16s of an inch go a long, long way. The heavy duty foam core makes the board last longer, more durable, and less prone to bending and creasing than its thinner counterpart.


Do you run a retail store or restaurant that would benefit from custom printed foam board signs? If your specials, menus, or promos are constantly changing, foam board is the perfect solution. They will look sleek and professional will only start to wear out just in time to be swapped out for the next season. Colorful foam board signs also look great when hanging from the ceiling of your business. Afraid that perhaps your ceiling isn’t able to support a series of signs? Not to worry, foam board is an incredibly lightweight material, especially considering how sturdy it is. Even a drop ceiling is able to support dozens of foam core signs without any strain.

Price list
18’’ x 24’’ $20 without laminate (with laminated $25)
24’’ x 36’’ $40 without laminate (with laminated $50)
36’’ x 48’’ $70 without laminate (with laminated $90)
48’’ x 72’’ $140 without laminate (with laminated $185)
Any custom size is available.

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