Mesh Banner Printing $40.00

Mesh Banner Printing $40.00

Product Description

Perforated Banners

Sound and the wind can pass through this material and for this reason, perforated banners are ideal for alfresco events like festivals, parties, concerts, and general sportive occasions.

The see-through mesh banners are a great solution to a situation where a banner will be subjected to high wind conditions.

Perforated banner material lets more air flow through the substance, thus placing less strain on your banner.

The mesh banner material enables you to enjoy a degree of visibility through the screen. It also allows natural light beam into the store, another common reason why storefront banners are useful. All mesh banners are made from a durable mesh material. They are fade resistant and weatherproof thus allow prolonged outdoor display. If you are searching for large format banners probably to hide scaffolding on a building structure, or you need to place your banner in significant areas , mesh banners are the best bet.

Our printed PVC mesh perforated banners are perfect for substantial building wrappings or banners that will have to be placed in a windy spot. The PVC Net Banner is a somewhat perforated material which allows air to run through the center of the banner. This prevents the banner from acting as a sail.

Advantages of perforated banners:

• The banner allows the wind to pass through without any damage
This is possible as long as the banner is properly fixed through all grommet holes, the wind will not damage or tear it to shreds. You can install it outdoors in gusty conditions, and this is why it is considered useful. The perforated nature of our mesh material permits the wind to pass through smoothly without turning it to a wind sail.

• Semi-transparent as well as semi-see through
When your banner hangs free or flows between two structures, poles or trees, it becomes somewhat semi-translucent, this is determined by the light.

•It blocks sound
Mesh vinyl enables the sound without creating the echo or impediment that makes it especially useful for concert and stage banners, letting you cover your speakers and other music equipment to easily pass through.

Banner materials include:

  1. Net vinyl material
    Lightweight Mesh vinyl, best fitted for extended outdoor use in windy regions. The material is perforated with tiny hole patterns which allow wind, light, and sound, to readily pass through. If hanged onto a backing it becomes opaque, and somewhat semi-translucent with semi-see-through quality. However, when hung and allowed to flow freely, i t will also allow sound to pass through if hung around loudspeakers and sound equipment.
  2. Printed in full color only on one side
    There is a complete color print on one side. As a result of the net nature of this vinyl, the printed message loses about 20-30% of vibrancy and opacity to the perforation. The artwork is easily observable on the front side with the light ghosted image visible on the back.

Our perforated banners are the best solution for you if you are planning any form of outdoor event. Get some with us today!

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