MR16 Halogen 19-inch Flexible Arm Display Light

Product Description

Whether you are considering lighting artworks, shelving, a display board, or perhaps a pop-screen in your shop, the arm light is a n excellent choice. Arm lights come in models that are fixed, flexible, and telescoping to suit your particular needs. They can be affixed to the display walls, shelves, ceilings or conduits. We offer a lot of options when it comes to power supply and light source: pick from LED, halogen, or incandescent light sources. You can also decide if you want the arm lights that are hard wired, that plugin or work on lithium batteries.

Picking the Best Light Source

Even though incandescent light sources are options for arm screen lights, halogen and LED are the choices that are most popular. While LED offers really clear light for maximum efficiency halogen yields colors perfectly. Depending on the particular reason for purchasing the lights, you can choose the best suited to your needs.

Types of Fixtures

The three major types of arm lights are rigid arm lights, telescoping, and flexible. Flexible arm lights give a ton of flexibility, in how you position your display lights. We offer flexible gooseneck fixtures in many different sizes, and they can be spliced together to increase the length of the arm light.
Whenever you need, take advantage of this feature in practical terms by setting its light wherever you need it. You are at liberty to be creative when handling the arm light to create a unique line.
Telescoping arms, on the other hand, are perfect for lighting a spot in which distinct items are exhibited at different times. They may be stiff and can contain items of different sizes as well. Eventually, rigid arm lights are fantastic when you’re planning to have a long-lasting display.


Generally, the types of mounts for arm lights include clamp-on, wall, and ceiling. Ceiling and wall -mounted arm lights are excellent for retail or private displays because they’re not weak, flush-mounted, and long-lasting. Pipe clamp lights and wall clamp are outstanding choices for trade shows specifically, and any temporary exhibit as well.

Power Source

If you’re displaying art in business or your home, you might want to have your own arm light hard wired. This really is the cleanest, and most inconspicuous option. On the other hand, if you are planning a trade show exhibit or popup display, battery operated or plug-in alternatives will be quite appealing to you because it can be fixed with ease and can also be taken down, set-up, and moved around easily.
Our arm lights have a reduced power consumption and use over 80% less power. They save costs on energy and also help the environment as well. The base of the lights is reinforced using a firm metal slide extrusion which is designed to suit most clamps and brackets. If you want to soften the shimmer, simply pick a warmer color filter and place it on your LED arm light. They also do not require any assembly nor do they require extra tools. If you are looking for arm lights, call VIP Sign and Print today!

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