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PVC Plastic Signs Project A High-Quality and Professional Image

Expanded polyvinyl chloride, also known as foam PVC, can be installed easily and is great for short-term outdoor or long-term indoor use. Medium-weight and durable, expanded PVC is available in several colors, and its matte finish hides fingerprints, reduces glare, and can be cut easily into different shapes, so you can create custom applications.

Custom PVC Signs are Available in Any Thickness, Size, and Shape!

PVC plastic signs do and say more for your business, and all without a very large investment. We all want more for our dollar, any smart shopper or business owner will tell you that. PVC plastic signs are an affordable investment with the “wow” impact, just a preview of what they can expect from you or your service.
Nothing works harder for you than PVC signs. It is the perfect material for all you interior business needs. Imagine the growth of your business with a PVC plastic sign. With just a small investment you will be on your way to a successful, reputable and profitable business. Your investment will pay off in no time.


Custom PVC signs are one of the most popular choices for all indoor sign needs. PVC plastic signs are lightweight, so installation is simple and quick. Mounting screws, double sided tape, blind fastener system, or adhesives are the most common installation methods and they have a very smooth and professional finish. This satin finish eliminates glare and reflection, which is ideal for businesses. This plastic sign material is recommended for indoor signs only, because it is prone to warping in extreme heat.
Your custom PVC sign can be made to fit the needs of your business and because of its lightweight construction, PVC is perfect for 3D signs. Simply layering pieces of PVC on top of each other can create a great dimensional sign that really grabs attention. Custom shaped signs are another big reason why business owners select PVC as their plastic sign material. Getting the style and look that you want in a sign is very important, and the many applications of PVC meets that demand.

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• Easy to care for, as it is completely waterproof

• Lightweight and thin

• The most durable of indoor sign materials

• Professional looking

• Has a smooth satin finish without the glare or reflection

PVC plastic signs are most frequently used for:

• Business and Office Signs

• Retail Store and Display Signs

• Warehouse & Factory Signage

• Point-of-Purchase Signs

• High-End Trade Show Signs

• Hanging and Floor Signs

• Sale and Promotional Signs

• Directional Signs

• Identification Signs
Any custom size is available.

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