PVC Board

Product Description

PVC Plastic Signs Project A High-Quality and Professional Image

Expanded polyvinyl chloride, also known as foam PVC, can be installed easily and is great for short-term outdoor or long-term indoor use. Medium-weight and durable, expanded PVC is available in several colors, and its matte finish hides fingerprints, reduces glare, and can be cut easily into different shapes, so you can create custom applications.

Custom PVC Signs are Available in Any Thickness, Size, and Shape!

PVC plastic signs do and say more for your business, and all without a very large investment. We all want more for our dollar, any smart shopper or business owner will tell you that. PVC plastic signs are an affordable investment with the “wow” impact, just a preview of what they can expect from you or your service.
Nothing works harder for you than PVC signs. It is the perfect material for all you interior business needs. Imagine the growth of your business with a PVC plastic sign. With just a small investment you will be on your way to a successful, reputable and profitable business. Your investment will pay off in no time.


Custom PVC signs are one of the most popular choices for all indoor sign needs. PVC plastic signs are lightweight, so installation is simple and quick. Mounting screws, double sided tape, blind fastener system, or adhesives are the most common installation methods and they have a very smooth and professional finish. This satin finish eliminates glare and reflection, which is ideal for businesses. This plastic sign material is recommended for indoor signs only, because it is prone to warping in extreme heat.
Your custom PVC sign can be made to fit the needs of your business and because of its lightweight construction, PVC is perfect for 3D signs. Simply layering pieces of PVC on top of each other can create a great dimensional sign that really grabs attention. Custom shaped signs are another big reason why business owners select PVC as their plastic sign material. Getting the style and look that you want in a sign is very important, and the many applications of PVC meets that demand.

Laminate yes/no


• Easy to care for, as it is completely waterproof

• Lightweight and thin

• The most durable of indoor sign materials

• Professional looking

• Has a smooth satin finish without the glare or reflection

PVC plastic signs are most frequently used for:

• Business and Office Signs

• Retail Store and Display Signs

• Warehouse & Factory Signage

• Point-of-Purchase Signs

• High-End Trade Show Signs

• Hanging and Floor Signs

• Sale and Promotional Signs

• Directional Signs

• Identification Signs
Any custom size is available.

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Coroplast Signs

Product Description

Coroplast® Signs are Ideally Suited for a Wide Variety of Indoor and Short-term Outdoor Uses

Coroplast® Signs are made of an extremely versatile twin-wall polypropylene sheet and are a lightweight and cost-effective visual communications solution. Use these signs for menu boards, special event signage, directional and informational signs, indoor point-of-purchase signs, temporary and promotional signage, and tradeshows. You are able to increase the effectiveness of your corrugated signs by using stripes, borders, and additional lettering colors or by adding a logo or graphic symbol. Using frames or stakes, or displaying on an easel are also effective. Coroplast® Signs can be made any size you want and any design, artwork, photo or logo can be used. Plus, these custom signs are highly versatile and you can also choose from just about any color you want to be printed.

Coroplast® Signs are Extremely Lightweight and Versatile

Corrugated plastic, which also is known by the brand name Coroplast®, is a plastic sign material that is both tough and waterproof and resembles the appearance of a “plastic cardboard”. The hollow-fluted design of Coroplast® makes this sign material easy to handle, extremely lightweight, and simple to display in a number of ways. Signs can be custom, computer-designed for you. Use your own logo, your own message, your colors and your design.
The lightweight properties of this corrugated plastic material make it extremely versatile, and has made it a great alternative to the rigid PVC Plastic Signs and Acrylic Plastic Signs. Coroplast® signs are also a common preference over poster board and foam core mounting board. Foam core is not waterproof and the surface is far more prone to damage than corrugated plastic.


Corrugated plastic signs have a slightly ribbed surface that resembles a “plastic cardboard“. They’re ideal for 1-day event signs and last up to 2 years (or for decades indoors). They are completely waterproof and have a standard 3/16” thickness which feels similar to stiff cardboard. These signs have high tolerance for extreme cold and hot weather temperature and can be one-sided or two-sided. They are easy to display and mount and serve as a popular alternative to foam core mounting board.

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Casket Arrow Spinner Sign

Product Description

Our Custom Designed 6mm. coroplast arrow signs are extremely durable, waterproof, and lightweight. We laminate our spinner signs, so they are scratch free and colors won’t fade. These full-color arrow signs or spinner signs are the custom design and can be made to any spec! Our spinner signs, arrow signs, or flipping signs are the best for getting attention along roadsides to direct patrons to your door step. Our biggest spinner sign, arrow sign or flipping signs are available as big as 96”w X 48’’h which we call super sized arrow sign.


• High quality long last 10 mm. coroplast
• Laminated, multi-colored UV inks, lightweight, and inexpensive.
• Production time: 1 business day or same day.

Size Options

24"x48" Arrow Sign
24"x72" Arrow Sign (+$32.00)
Type Optons
Double Sided Both Ways ($40.00)
One Sided Left Arrow
One Sided Right Arrow

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Aluminum Board Signs

Product Description

Aluminum Board Signs Are Perfect For Any Weather Condition. Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum is a great choice for outdoor signs. Recycled composite core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum make these panels extremely lightweight and durable. Aluminum signs are designed to last for years. You can get Aluminum signs in either 1 or full color. We recommend full color. Aluminum signs are rigid which allows them to be mounted without the need for a backing. These signs have can take a curve or be bent. Aluminum signs are weather proof and rust free.

Aluminum signs (also referred to as sheet metal signs, flat signs, tin signs, or blade signs) boast all the practicality of modern signs, while also being able to impart an old-timey, “vintage” feel to your storefront. Before flashy neon signs came into vogue and after weather-worn wooden signs predominated, sheet metal signs provided a visually appealing, highly durable, and cost-efficient means of advertising your business.
As one of the only metals that never rusts, these custom aluminum signs are weatherproof, chemically resistant, and made to last in any weather condition. These signs are perfect for permanent retail signs, real estate signs, parking signs, business signs, directional signs, warnings, notices, caution signs, exhibits, kiosks and more. Made of two pre-painted sheets of .008″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core (for a total thickness of approximately 1/13 inches), these composite aluminum signs are fabricated with rounded corners for safety and pre-drilled holes for easy installation. They can also be contour cut to any shape desired and can be printed on one or both sides. Despite their rugged construction, these aluminum signs have a smooth, glossy finish and project a clean look and impression. Perfect for outdoor street signs, these aluminum signs can last for decades.

Aluminum Board Signs Are Very Simple To Install

Aluminum signs may be displayed in several ways: framed and staked, glued to walls, riveted or bolted to walls, or wired to fencing. Aluminum signage can be installed on a wall, hung, or placed in frames or stands. Holes can easily be drilled using a metal drill bit. Use string, rope, or bungees to hang and use screws with washers for attaching to wood or concrete. Nuts and bolts should be used to attach to posts. Given their long lasting quality and durability, aluminum board signs are an affordable choice for just about anyone.


Simply wipe down your aluminum signs with water and soap using a non-abrasive cloth. To keep the signs from warping or denting, avoid installing them where heavy winds can blow them into other objects. When installing your aluminum sign, be careful! Even though the baked enamel finish is resistant to weather, it is brittle and can scratch easily.

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A-Frame with 2 side graphic printed and inserted

Product Description

You can attract attention to your business with our sidewalk signs. These plastic A frame signs will not rust, splinter or fade and they are weather resistant. Our sidewalk directional signs are sold as hardware only or both side printed with your graphic. You can insert coroplast or pvc graphic boards directly into the frame or apply the vinyl on the display area.


• Height 45", width 25’’ 18 lbs each
• Premium PVC plastic holds 2 signs – Display area 24’’x36’’
• Attach signs with Velcro or screws, or apply vinyl directly to Signicade.
• Available White, orange, yellow or blue.
• 12 months outdoor and 5 year indoor life.
• Molded handle provides easy portability.
• Production time: 1 business day or same day depending on availability in stock. Every Color is not guaranteed to be in the stock

Use an A-Frame Sign to Effectively Drive Traffic to Your Business

Catch the eyes of passers by with professional sidewalk signs. Sidewalk signs can offer a quick and cost-effective way to draw attention to sales, events, or new product promotions. Freestanding sidewalk signs and A-frames are an effective and affordable way to attract people to your business. Since they are portable, they can be quickly repositioned at any time when needed or taken inside at the end of the day.
A-frame signs are designed to be used outdoors and are incredibly durable. Nonetheless, storing them indoors before any extreme hot or rainy weather will help preserve your sign for repeated use over the course of many years to come. Regular cleaning of the sign using very mild dish soap and a non-abrasive cloth can help maintain your sandwich board and keep it looking vibrant and clean.

A-Frame Signs Work Great for Storefront Retailers

Colorful Sidewalk Signs are effective in grabbing the attention of people on foot, while vivid A-frame signs can be used to advertise along the roadside. Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, and other storefront retailers that attract heavy foot traffic may opt to use an all plastice sign frame. Sidewalk advertising campaigns can be used to promote daily meal specials, announce sales offers, and convey any message retailers wish to advertise. Best of all, these freestanding A-frames and signs have a large display area to be sure that your message will be displayed prominently.


Catch your potential event attendees or customers coming and going with A-frame signs. You’ll be blown away by the portability and ease of transporting these frames as well as the marketing potential that these frames and signs have. A-frame sidewalk signs are perfect for your salon, restaurant, or any other small business storefront as well as special events, and getting attendees pointed in the right direction. An A-frame board will surely capture the attention of anyone walking by.
A-frame signs are built for either short or long-term use and come available in various materials and styles along with one or two sign bundle deals. Choose from a metal frame, iron and steel frame, or plastic frame, each designed to withstand the elements when placed outside. Get started today and start promoting your business or event soon!

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