Trade Show Lighting Accessories

Use Lights to Attract Visitors

The most successful displays will use lights to attract visitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cast the Batman symbol on the ceiling or have a full-on light show. A little goes a long way when you smartly use colored LED tape, uplights, and moving lights. Think of these as tools, and don’t be afraid to put some careful thought into catching your potential visitor’s eye from across the room.

The best trade show booths dazzle the visitor, but they also accommodate the transmission of information without distraction. People, your logo, and even your literature need to look great, so keep these things in mind.

Accent To Highlight

If you have literature or business cards that you want your visitors to read, or if you aren’t selling trips to Mars, you will probably need more than just attention-grabbing lights. You will need your lighting to accent things for the sake of clarity. So what needs to be accented? Your logo, probably, and certainly any products you are displaying. You might want to think about spotlighting any surface where your literature sits, as well. Accent lighting in trade show exhibits calls attention and clarifies and these two things, if you think about it, are basically your main goals.

One other thing that you want to keep in mind is that your trade show booth is going to be inhabited by human beings. Your lighting should flatter. If you don’t want people to think they are talking to a blued-hued zombie, then opt for warmer lighting temperatures. And make sure it’s bright enough. For this purpose, you could use everything from track lighting to recessed lighting.

MR16 Halogen 19-inch Flexible Arm Display Light

Product Description Whether you are considering lighting artworks, shelving, a display board, or perhaps a pop-screen in your shop, the arm light is a n excellent choice. Arm lights come in models that are fixed, flexible, and telescoping to suit your particular needs. They can be affixed to the display walls, shelves, ceilings or conduits. …

16-Watt 19.5-Inch 4100K Cool White Microfluorescent T4 Light Fixture

Product Description Product Description These microfluorescent T4 light fixtures are one of our top selling products because they are so versatile. Each fixture comes complete with lamp, mounting brackets and screws, cord and plug, direct connectors, and built-in, instant-on, energy-efficient, silent, electronic ballasts. Use them as backlighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting, desk lighting, display case …

12-inch 4000K LED Ultra Bright Line Voltage led strip lights

Product Description These versatile linear light fixtures feature a low profile design with a minimal footprint making them perfect for under cabinet lighting, cove and shelf lighting, and many other applications. These ultra bright light fixtures are easily adjustable up to 360 degrees to control the lighting direction as desired. What’s Included? Accessories Included: each …

12-foot Soft Daylight LED Tape-Rope Hybrid 2 Light Kit, Wet Location

Product Description If you prefer a flexible solution to your lighting needs, flexible LED tape lights are the best options. They are also called LED strip lights or LED ribbon lights. These remarkably inconspicuous LED lights can easily be taped anywhere in the home with ease. The lights can even be sliced into sections to …

Black LED PAR30 Line Voltage Freestanding Monopoint Accent Light

Product Description Spot items that are light with bright, clear accent lighting fixture. The Monopoint lights will make all your retail items, displays, or artwork pop. The Monopoint lighting fixtures are pretty straightforward; they produce a single, constricted beam of light. When the beam of light is focused on an individual or thing, the spotlighting …

Display Lights

Product Description Setting up a table top or pop-up display that will only last a short time? Looking to achieve the most convenient set-up and breakdown possible. The star of this efficiency show are clamp-on, portable display lights. Screws? Don’t need ’em. Drill? Don’t need it. Clamp lights can attach super-easily to the tops and …

Nora Rail Circle 2-Foot Kit with 3 Halogen Amber Swift Glass Track Heads

Product Description Track Lighting In the early stages of its popularity, track lighting would most often be found in commercial settings for utilitarian purposes. But lighting designers have since transformed the medium. Sure, industrial track systems are still widely available, but now we have many innovative types of residential track lighting, as well. You can …

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Picking the Best Light Source

Whether you are considering lighting artworks, shelving, a display board, or perhaps a pop-screen in your shop, the arm light is a n excellent choice. Arm lights come in models that are fixed, flexible, and telescoping to suit your particular needs. They can be affixed to the display walls, shelves, ceilings or conduits. We offer a lot of options when it comes to power supply and light source: pick from LED, halogen, or incandescent light sources. You can also decide if you want the arm lights that are hard wired, that plugin or work on lithium batteries.

Even though incandescent light sources are options for arm screen lights, halogen and LED are the choices that are most popular. While LED offers really clear light for maximum efficiency halogen yields colors perfectly. Depending on the particular reason for purchasing the lights, you can choose the best suited to your needs.

Types of Fixtures

The three major types of arm lights are rigid arm lights, telescoping, and flexible. Flexible arm lights give a ton of flexibility, in how you position your display lights. We offer flexible gooseneck fixtures in many different sizes, and they can be spliced together to increase the length of the arm light.
Whenever you need, take advantage of this feature in practical terms by setting its light wherever you need it. You are at liberty to be creative when handling the arm light to create a unique line.
Telescoping arms, on the other hand, are perfect for lighting a spot in which distinct items are exhibited at different times. They may be stiff and can contain items of different sizes as well. Eventually, rigid arm lights are fantastic when you’re planning to have a long-lasting display.

Types of Mounts

Generally, the types of mounts for arm lights include clamp-on, wall, and ceiling. Ceiling and wall -mounted arm lights are excellent for retail or private displays because they’re not weak, flush-mounted, and long-lasting. Pipe clamp lights and wall clamp are outstanding choices for trade shows specifically, and any temporary exhibit as well.

Power Source

If you’re displaying art in business or your home, you might want to have your own arm light hard wired. This really is the cleanest, and most inconspicuous option. On the other hand, if you are planning a trade show exhibit or popup display, battery operated or plug-in alternatives will be quite appealing to you because it can be fixed with ease and can also be taken down, set-up, and moved around easily.
Our arm lights have a reduced power consumption and use over 80% less power. They save costs on energy and also help the environment as well. The base of the lights is reinforced using a firm metal slide extrusion which is designed to suit most clamps and brackets. If you want to soften the shimmer, simply pick a warmer color filter and place it on your LED arm light. They also do not require any assembly nor do they require extra tools. If you are looking for arm lights, call VIP Sign and Print today!

Generate eye-catching displays for your company with backlighting. Lit up transparency graphics can create a deep impact keeping your thoughts active for quite a long time in your audiences’ heads. The backlighting of white see-through or colored panels, w ith or without design, creates a stunning visual effect, particularly when there’s hardly any light in the space. Backlighting impervious items can generate a modern appearance that helps audiences identify your company with intelligence and innovation. Our backlights include many variations. Backlit screens are built using light boxes or are usually composed of light strips put behind opaque things such as company names. We have linkable LED strips for most backlighting needs as well. These linear LED strip fixtures have simple linking connections that work well with multifaceted backlighting applications. Simply link the lights end-to-end for straight lines or make use of flexible connectors for gaps or jumps. Bump your lighting mission up a notch with our dimmable LED strips backlights, which enable you to set the mood in your space. Our LED backlights come in two main varieties: RGB LED and white LED backlights. Backlighting opaque items can help in bringing a halo effect that draws attention to borders and the contour of the screen. Lightboxes illuminate signs that are see-through, making your graphics glow magnificently.

Types of Light Source

Generally, there are three primary kinds of light sources used for these backlighting displays: LED, Fluorescent, and xenon. Others include an electroluminescent panel or ELP, and incandescent bulbs. LED and fluorescent lamps are extremely efficient and operate cooler than xenon lamps. However, that might be significant as well since your light source will be placed close to the item you want to illuminate. The light source determines dim ability as well, to some substantial extent: It’s not impossible to dim all three light sources. However, with LED and fluorescent lamps, additional gear is needed so it should be thoroughly considered before a decision is taken.

How To Prevent “Hot Spots.”

The perfect backlit screen for an advertising promotion, sign, photography, or display exhibit board has constant lighting without any “hot spots.” To fix this, you may paint the “cavity” which is behind the item being shown, a matte white color. Doing so will help disseminate the light. Also, if you are making use of a lighted box, it is best to attempt to “conceal” the linear lights around the borders and supply some kind of opaque shield, if possible, to ensure that light cannot go directly from your backlights through the see-through panel. If your light fixtures should be set right behind the see-through panel to light it sufficiently, then place a plastic diffuser between the panel and the lights. Our collection can fit any particular spot in both a home or in a shop/office. In the home, alcoves are an excellent spot of backlighting. Cabinets can also benefit from this unique design to change the mood in the room easily. Other screens and displays around the office or home can be ideal spots for backlighting as well. For exemplary signs, call Vip Sign and Print today! designed to suit most clamps and brackets. If you want to soften the shimmer, simply pick a warmer color filter and place it on your LED arm light. They also do not require any assembly nor do they require extra tools. If you are looking for arm lights, call VIP Sign and Print today!

One thing is for sure, you do not want a dull, shadowy showcase. Having one would defeat the reason for the display in the first place. Luckily, there are plenty of options available to make your display case even livelier. There are options of xenon, LED light bars, Micro fluorescent fixtures, downlights, as well as light strips in the display case lighting category. Whether you only desire to flaunt the magnificent China in your display cabinet, or you’re using display case light for a trade show, or craft fair, you’ll be able to create the best light which will make your treasures sparkle.

There are so many different ways to efficiently light up your display case using showcase lighting. In the areas you have already integrated a shelf within, or in places where the top of the showcase is opaque, you can fit your display case lights on the bases to illuminate the items from above. Puck lights and miniature recessed lights, in this capacity, create a remarkable effect. It’s possible for you to use these types of lights to spotlight individual objects in your display case.
However, if you prefer an even illumination on the top of the opaque display case or perhaps the underside of shelving, consider a light bar or light strip. These choices are low-profile and offer evenly-distributed, bright light across the whole display case.

Selecting Light Sources

For those individuals who have the resources that will enable them to add a display case lighting on the side, the micro fluorescent light fixtures will make an excellent choice. These lights may be cool and easy to install, linkable, and make a case appear like it’s glowing from within. LED light strips will create exactly the same effect installed on the side of a showcase. Actually, it is somewhat more low-profile in relation to the micro fluorescent fixtures, so it might be a much better choice if you might have minimal space. Finally, LED rope and LED tape can be used in an assortment of applications to produce your display case radiance.

Display case lighting distributes the light more evenly all through the entire case to enhance average case illuminance. Making use of specially designed optics, the light is focused on the center of the case and radiates outside across the case surface. This results in a more brilliant, more uniform look through the entire screen.
These lights are beneficial in both a home or an office or trade fair and may be used for different kinds of items and are available in distinct sizes.

They are unique because of their:

  • Layout flexibility
    This reduces shadows within the case which may interrupt uniformity and ultimately dull the look of your items or goods.
  • Energy savings
    The display case lights can help save up to 85% energy as opposed to other kinds of lights.
  • Long life
    The lights have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours and can save costs on maintenance and lamp replacement. Environmentally Accountable


The lights are RoHS compliant and do not contain any mercury or led even glass. Get your display case lighting with us today

Reduce replacement and maintenance costs to save money. Our LED lighting saves not just your money but your time as well. Why stress yourself with fluorescent, incandescent or halogen? LED lighting would dramatically reduce your heartache as well as a headache. Our led strip lighting is capable of providing bright, energy-friendly lighting when space is limited. LED strip lights have a low profile and also allow for several intriguing possibilities. If you need a splash of color in your bedroom, or you need lighting in a creek, our color LED strip lighting is perfect for you. LED Lighting comes in an array of styles and shapes including:
  1. Tape light: LED strips with tape.
  2. Rope light: LED strips with inbuilt cables.
  3. Modular light fixtures: adaptable lighting.
All of which have remarkably low profiles. They allow long linear runs of energy-friendly LED lighting that are useful in an assortment of creative applications. Creative Applications of Color Strip Lighting The blue LED lighting amplifies the unprolific finishes in a modernly styled kitchen. The blue LED lighting blends in perfectly with stainless steel and white finishes because of the flawless appearance. You can also install festive or color changing tape RGB tape light. What’s more is that you can also control the exact color being displayed. Linking Our LED Strips with Backlighting Any linear LED strip fitting that has simple connections can work well with complex backlighting applications. You can link both of them end to end for straight lines using flexible connectors for gaps and jumps. Improve the quality of your lighting project with dimmable LED strips. The dimmable LED strips allow you to set the exact mood in space

Illuminating Outdoor Spaces

Up to 24-volt strip lighting can be installed at a time. This is ideal for any of your outdoor lighting projects. All of our outdoor rated LED lightings reinforce safety and ambiance if installed within the perimeter of the decks. The remarkably low profile enables you to place them underneath rails for extraordinary lighting effects. Ensure that you pick up our LED strips that are rated for a wet location for your outdoor lighting projects.

Super Flexible Led Strips

Flexible lighting strips are perfect for any oddly shaped or curved space. In case you have a weird space that needs illuminating, our flexible strips allow you to get the desired lighting when working with surfaces that are not flat. Most of the flexible LED strips have glutinous backing. This adhesive backing makes it easy for you to put at any part of you home, Harbor or office space.